Title: Investigating Character

Term 2

In this unit students continue to identify the elements of literature that give voice to the author’s intention. They will reinforce their understanding and continue to build comprehension skills by analysing a chapter book constructed around the theme of friendship. This activity will then provide a stimulus for students to write a simple narrative that demonstrates their developing skill in applying the elements of writing in narrative form.
Please discuss the unit’s Text Task before beginning the lesson sequence.
Organise a suitable class set of chapter books, with ‘friendship’ as its main theme. You will need a space available on the wall or display book to present class-shared text analysis. A coloured, A3 sized organiser is available with lesson 1. These can be completed in groups or whole class.

Text Task
Develop comprehension skills by identifying the elements of writing that build the theme of a simple narrative. These elements include noun groups and types of verbs. For the first part of the task, you will complete a text analyses of a chapter book constructed around the theme of friendship. You will then use this knowledge and skill to create a narrative constructed around the same theme.

Unit Resource Downloads

The Lessons

Week 1

How does a protagonist sell the author’s theme?

Week 2

Craft a simple narrative one sentence at a time.

Week 3

‘Word’-smith and keyboard your way to professional publication.