Establishing Author’s Voice
Term 1 Weeks 1-5
Integrated Text Task

In this unit students develop awareness of purpose, audience, text structure and language features. By investigating questions such as: What is author’s voice? How does mine sound? How can I make it stronger? Students begin to identify the association between creating and responding to text with purposeful interaction. Students work together to create a context for social learning; routines that not only meet Australian Curriculum expectations but will also provide a supportive and predictable learning environment for the year to come. Dance provides a great opportunity for students to begin developing simple note taking and paragraphing skills, as well as reading and viewing comprehension skills, as they engage with procedural text.

Students will need ongoing access to dictionaries and thesauruses. In lesson 1 and 2, they will be organizing their New Author’s Bag in which they will keep the following:
Wrinks 1 & 2 (downloaded and printed back to back on A3 and laminated)
exercise book 1 entitled: Creating and Responding to Text
exercise book 2 entitled: Literature Studies
Heart Word Inventory (downloaded and stapled into A4 booklet)
Write On It if using (or whiteboards with whiteboard marker and mini duster)
Conferencing Circles poster (downloaded and printed on A3 and laminated or copy available with Write On It classroom kit)

Discuss the unit’s Text Task before beginning the lesson sequence.

Text Task
Having established classroom routines and procedures for creating and responding to text, you will practise these new routines whilst researching a simple dance routine online. You will create an oral procedural text which you will use to instruct others in your class.

Week 1 Lesson 1

What is Author’s Voice?

Week 1 Lesson 2

Authors’ Talk & Tools of Trade .

Week 1 Lesson 3

Conferencing Circles and Beta Readers

Week 2 Lesson 4

Pre-text: Know your text task

Week 2 Lesson 5

Pre-text: Know your audience

Week 2 Lesson 6

Pre-text: Research your subject

Week 3 Lesson 7

Pre-text: Learning how to take notes is an essential research skill

Week 3 Lesson 8

Pre-text: Turn your notes into written paragraphs

Week 3 - 5 Lesson 9

Pre-text: Research your subject