Characters Alive
Term 3 Weeks 1-8

In this unit students share another, class set chapter book. They will choose a character in the story to text analyse. They will then use this knowledge to represent the character in short performance, in which they play the part of the character explaining to the audience a simple procedure related to a scene in the story. They will also continue to build comprehension skills by analysing the narrative structure of a playscript.
Please discuss the unit’s Text Task before beginning the lesson sequence.
Organise a suitable class set of chapter books, as well as plenty of copies of chapter books suitable for a range of reading abilities.


Text Task

After studying the elements of drama and practising public speaking and role-playing techniques, you will present to your class, a short playscript organised and rehearsed in a small group. You will then use this knowledge and skill to create and present a performance as a character from a novel. You will portray the character giving a soliloquy, for the purpose of explaining a simple procedure to the audience. You will also be expected to select at least one chapter book to read for pleasure.

Week 1

Have you discovered chapter books yet?
Let’s look at this unit’s text task and get into chapter books as the same time.

Week 2

Elements of drama aren’t that different from the elements of a good story.
Take sketch-notes to superpower your learning about all things dramatic.

Week 3

The playscript.
Continue to build confidence with dramatic performance as you begin to analyse and rehearse the first part of your text task.

Week 4 & 5

Formative Text Task.
Use the elements of drama to help organise your performance. Your teacher will let you know where the performance area is to be. Form groups of 4. Decide who is to play which part. Plan your costumes and props and then, get rehearsing. Don’t forget to do your energy and voice warm ups.

Week 6

Procedural Texts with Character
We start to prepare for the 2nd part of the text task – preparing a procedural speech given as a character from a chapter book. Bring it on!

Week 7

Procedural Texts and Grammar Choices
We continue to prepare for the 2nd part of the text task – a procedural speech given as a character from a chapter book and that sparkles with grammatical excellence! Students will need a copy of the sample text, as well as Write On Its (if using them) and colour pencils.

Week 8

Formative Task
New authors gather the tools of your trade as you organise to complete the text task with a dramatic flourish.