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To engage with the Australian Curriculum, grade 3 students must successfully cooperate to negotiate and provide each other with feedback. Help each other to make informed choices regarding the use of clauses, phrases, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and verbs including modals and contractions. They employ organised paragraphs, beginning with topic sentences, and which link purposefully idea to idea in well-crafted simple, compound and complex sentences containing selected vocabulary, tense agreement, clarity of point of view, establishing setting and atmosphere that draws readers into events that follow’.

High expectations. Expect success.

Their texts must be both ‘entertaining and persuasive’ at once, no matter what the communication mode – ‘speaking or writing’, no matter what the ‘purpose or medium’ or ‘intended audience’. Expect ‘imaginative text’. Expect intriguing application of new knowledge such as ‘metaphors, similes and dialogue’.

High expectations. Great! Keep them high. Expect success.

Here on the Write Habit you can access free teaching support – modeled writing, resource downloads and links, integration of learning areas with embedded assessment and more. Take what you need – if you need it and as you need it – with my complements.

I am a grade 3 teacher, and this is my virtual classroom. It is unique to say the least but as we all know love, laughter and learning trains brains ‘write’.

To get started, click on the ‘getting started’ button and keep expectations high because success is eminent – write now.


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AJ McMarson



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